Friday, July 27, 2018

Flash Fiction Challenge: The Bridge and the Rose

Hooboy, it’s been a while since I posted here. So long, in fact, that I forgot my password to this site. OOOps. Anyway, this story was in response to a prompt to pick one of 10 titles, and write a 1500-word story. I went a lot over, then edited the crap out of it to…still […]

Flash Fiction: The Magic Realism Bot’s Revenge

This week’s challenge was to hit up the Magic Realism Bot Twitter account, and use one of the tweets as a prompt for a short story. I’ve done this before on my other site, but I didn’t get it posted in time for the challenge. This time, I got the tweet “A politician watches a […]

Flash Fiction: They Fight Crime (Sort of)

This week’s challenge was to go to the “They Fight Crime” site, get a pair of characters, and write a short story about them. I got “He’s a fiendish arachnophobic cop who hangs with the wrong crowd. She’s a provocative hypochondriac queen of the dead from a different time and place.” Mine don’t actually fight […]

Flash Fiction: The Princess’ Game

Okay, okay, this story was based on a prompt from nearly 2 weeks ago, but I couldn’t come up with any ideas by the deadline. Then I sat down to do some writing today, and  this happened. Raise your hand if you can tell I’ve been watching a fair amount of Gossip Girl lately. Raise […]

Flash Fiction: Song Lyric Story

This week’s challenge was to take a song lyric and use it as a theme or basis for a short story. I took a line from the Foo Fighters song “Everlong”–ostensibly a love song–and turned it into something…different. Bonus points for spotting the lyric. “You’re not drinking anything,” he said to the woman at the […]

Flash Fiction: The Danger of Undeserved Power

It’s been 4 months since I’ve written any stories, so I feel just a teensy bit rusty. But when I read the prompt for this weeks Flash Fiction, I immediately thought about how royalty inherit their power without having to actually earn it. Then I thought about how the evil queen married into her power […]