Monday, April 8, 2019

Recipe: Cannelloni aka writing fuel

If you follow me on any social media, like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram—and you should, because I’m hilarious and my cats are adorable—you’ll know that I’m writing a book. It’s a process that’s been educational, daunting, exhilarating, and terrifying; it’s also why I haven’t been doing much with this blog. But today, I reached the […]

Short story: First Born

You ever write a short story based on a tweet? No? Well, I did (if you don’t want to spoil the ending, don’t click until you’ve read the story). Anyway, this story took waaaay longer than any other story I’ve written, I had to edit it a lot more, and it basically drove me crazy […]

Flash Fiction Challenge: The Bridge and the Rose

Hooboy, it’s been a while since I posted here. So long, in fact, that I forgot my password to this site. OOOps. Anyway, this story was in response to a prompt to pick one of 10 titles, and write a 1500-word story. I went a lot over, then edited the crap out of it to…still […]

Flash Fiction: The Magic Realism Bot’s Revenge

This week’s challenge was to hit up the Magic Realism Bot Twitter account, and use one of the tweets as a prompt for a short story. I’ve done this before on my other site, but I didn’t get it posted in time for the challenge. This time, I got the tweet “A politician watches a […]

Flash Fiction: They Fight Crime (Sort of)

This week’s challenge was to go to the “They Fight Crime” site, get a pair of characters, and write a short story about them. I got “He’s a fiendish arachnophobic cop who hangs with the wrong crowd. She’s a provocative hypochondriac queen of the dead from a different time and place.” Mine don’t actually fight […]